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Shri Ramdeobaba (Ramdeo Pir).

Ramdeoji baba is a Deity of Rajasthan, who worked for the welfare of society irrespective of cast and creed. Muslims called him Pir and Hindus & other communities call him Baba. For Ramsha Pir, there is no difference between a Hindu and Muslim. He was a saint of the fourteenth century who devoted all his life to uplift the downtrodden.

Baba Ramdeoji was a Tanwar Rajput born in a village in Rajasthan called as Runicha- now Ramdevra. His father was Raja Ajmal Dev. Hindus regard him as an incarnation of Lord Krishna, while Muslims venerate him as Ramsha Pir. He is said to have had miraculous powers and his fame reached far and wide. Legend goes that five Pirs (saints) from Mecca came here to test his power and after being convinced, paid their homage to him. Since then he is venerated by Muslims also as Ramshah Pir or Rama Pir.

Ramdeobaba believed in the equality of all human beings, both high and low, rich and poor. He helped the down-trodden by granting them their wishes. Baba Ramdeo is often depicted on horseback. His worship crosses the Hindu-Muslim divide as well as crossing the caste line since his followers include chaste Hindus and the casteless dalits.